1. The Club is to be called Carradale Camera Club
2. Objects:
a. The objects of the Club are the furtherance of the Art and Technique
of Photography by exchanging ideas and assistance among members
and by organising lectures, demonstrations, competitions, exhibitions
and other Photography related events.
3. Membership:
a. The membership year will commence in September and finish the following September with the Annual General Meeting.
b. Any person interested in photography as an amateur or
professional and who agree to actively support the Club’s
objectives may apply for membership.
c. Persons wishing to become members are required to submit their
names to the Committee, supported by a Proposer and Seconder.
Membership is subject to election at a committee meeting and
payment of the appropriate subscription within 30 days of
4. Subscription:
a. The amount of the Annual Subscription will be determined by the
Annual General Meeting.
b. Membership of the Club ceases if the Annual Subscription is not paid
within three months of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of that
c. No person may enter a Club competition or submit work for a Club
exhibition if the Annual Subscription for the current year remains
5. Organisation:
a. The Officers of the Club will consist of Chairperson, Secretary,
Treasurer and Competition Secretary
b. Officers are to be elected each year at the AGM.
c. No Officer can serve for more than three consecutive terms.
d. A break of one year minimum must elapse before that officer becomes
eligible for re-election.
6. Management:
a. The Club is to be managed by a Committee consisting of the Officers
and at least two other elected members
b. Four Committee members will constitute a Quorum
c. The Committee will meet as often as business requires between
September each year.
d. Club Members may attend Committee meetings and take part in any
discussions, but will not be able to vote. Notice of intended meetings
to be announced on club nights .
e. The Committee may fill vacancies that occur for any reason between
AGMs. Persons so appointed will serve until the next AGM.
7. Finances:
a. The Committee is to keep, in the name of the Club, a bank account
into which all monies are to be paid. All cheques are to be signed by
the Treasurer and one other signatory nominated by the Committee.
8. Annual General Meeting:
a. The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held during the month of
September each year
b. The business to include:
i. Minutes of the Previous year’s AGM
ii. Annual Report of the Committee
iii. Statement of Accounts and audited balance sheet
iv. Election of Officers and Committee members
v. Any Other Business.
c. The Committee must forward to all members at least 21 days before
the date of the AGM, the following:
i. A notice convening the AGM
ii. The names of the present Committee
iii. Nominations for the election to the Committee
iv. An agenda for the AGM
d. Propositions for any other items to be included in the Agenda of the
AGM must be given to the Committee, in writing ,not less than 14
days before the date of the meeting, and signed by two Club members
as Proposer and Seconder
9. Special General Meeting:
a. A Special General meeting (SGM) may be called at any time by the
Committee, or upon receipt of a request, signed by not less than one
quarter of the Club Members, stating the reasons for which it is
required. This is also named as an Emergency General Meeting (EGM)
b. 21 days notice must be given containing:
i. Notice convening the SGM/EGM
ii. Details of all business to be transacted
c. No business other than that appearing in the convening notice is to be
transacted at the SGM/EGM.
10. Emergencies:
In the event of anything occurring that is not provided for or is unclear in
the foregoing Rules, the Committee has authority to deal with it at its
11. Dissolution:
The Club may be dissolved only at an AGM or a SGM/EGM
convened for that purpose. The consent of three quarters of
members present at the meeting is required to dissolve the
Club. Disposal of Club funds and assets to be decided at the
same meeting.
12. General:
Outline Duties of Officers
a. Chairperson. Chairs committee meetings, co-ordinating the activities
of the other committee members. Conducts business at Club meetings.
b. Secretary. Takes minutes at all committee meetings. Conducts all
correspondence on behalf of the Club. Presents Minutes of previous
meeting and a correspondence report at committee meetings.
c. Treasurer. Maintains the Club’s bank account. Signs all cheques
together with the co-signing officer(s) nominated by the Committee.
Presents a current financial report at committee meetings
d. Competition Secretary. Co-ordinates the internal and external
competitive aspects of the Club.
13. Behavioural Standards
The Committee have power to expel any member whose conduct is in opposition to the well-being and good name of the club.
14. Rules:
a. The foregoing Rules form the Constitution of the Club
b. No alteration of any kind can be made to the Rules, except at an AGM
or a SGM/EGM

Updated 24th October 2012